As One Wakes The Night

by Belda Beast

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released July 1, 2007

Vocals/Guitars: Zach Zeller
Engineered/Mixed/Produced,Percussion,Guitars,Vocals,Bass: Paul Harper
Harland Spinks: vocals
Maurice Spencer: keys,percussion,vocals
Ryan Prado: vocals



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Belda Beast Redding, California

Belda Beast is a rock band from Redding, CA.

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Track Name: In The Night
out in the night
swallowed what was left of my pride
plunged the knife
into a light
that was quickly losing sight
i faced the fear
that was keeping me from ever letting go
goes to show
you close you eyes
life always reappears
i moved away
where the night is dead
and the day is here to stay
oh far away
this is the air i breathe
this is the place i now call home
i'm bound to stay here
this is my new home
it's my new home
Track Name: At Ease
fighting the feeling
that tells you go
the longer you stay
the stronger the pull
lean back
let your mind unwind
at ease
it'll come in time
a brute's what she wanted
it wasn't me
a brute's what what she wanted
she's still unhappy
under great pressure
she was wearing a ring
in the off time
made her heart sing
get back
oh she'd snap at me
life tangeled in hate
calls for therapy
open the door
let me come in
we'll play it back
oh, we'll play it back again
to take a step back
is what she needs
to gain an insight
on reality
kicked myself out
couldn't bare the wrath
think i'll take
the other path
she still walks out
into the night
and i pray
she doesn't go ruin
another life
Track Name: At The Foot Of My Bed
at ten
i saw demons
at the foot of my bed
i prayed soar high
night came
a dark blanket curled up on me
at that moment
i just wanted to die
went to church
bible says jesus made the blind see
saw the pastor
and he put his hand on me
got home
closed my eyes
saw the demons
they had tripled in size
poured water down my face
must be losing my mind
colors flashed before my eyes
and the devil walked in
it was quite a surprise
i stood
behind the door
he was looking for me
he plowed his foot into the ground
fire came up and danced around
closed my eyes one more time
i entered a new state of mind
no longer can the devil be seen
cause you can't see something
when it's within me
Track Name: Devil's Path
The merciless heat
is coming again
and i just don't think
it'll ever end
so get in the tall grass
cover your head
sleep tightly dear
till' the moon turns red
till' the moon turns red
loosen your grip on
name all the colors
you see within me
tear down the branches
pick up the roots
get swept in temptation
eat from the fruit
dance in your pleasure
forget the past
soon you'll be walking
the devil's path
the devil's path
Track Name: In The Ground
one decided to call off the search
a cure has finally been found
it's on the outside looking in
from beneath the ground
it tugs at the curious eye
and looks twice at an open heart
it's here to stay
won't go away
so play your part
tell your friends to go outside
and look deep into the core
tell your ma and pa
to leave the lights on
made our way out into the lawn
struck a shovel into the ground
found our answers
discovered our dreams
as we dug up the mound
you can not say this happens
oh so easily
why this time, this strike
did it choose me?
Track Name: Sights & Sounds
oh it's true, yes it's true
i want nothing to do
with you
oh dear lord, oh my god
how can i repay you
for making it true
now she's out, gone for good
what can i say
i'll rejoice today
i never thought she'd leave the one
that brought her life, let her down
she's gone for good
like i knew she would
i had forgotten what it felt like
not to be tied down
to do as i please
and i'll be the first to tell you
it feels god-damn good
just like it should
and as i stand out on the porch
looking out
i was taking in the sights
and the sounds
i came to realize
now's the time
the time is now
it's going down
Track Name: Over Time
i stand alone
and watch others unfold
doubting stories told
as i sit, growing old
it's funny how you think
you know everything
but you don't
i've tried and tried
to get past the thoughts
that i'd always be alone
that i'd always play solo
and it hurts
and it burns
but i can't
no i won't